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Oboe Concerto in C (Dittersdorf 32) Piano reduction

Oboe Concerto in C (Dittersdorf 32) Piano reduction

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Published 31st December 2003
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Cat No. PP489A
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ComposerCarl Ditters von Dittersdorf
ArrangersC M M Nex
F H Nex
EditorsC M M Nex
F H Nex
CategoryOboe & Piano
Difficulty level5

Oboe with piano reduction. Piano score and part. Composer: 1739-1799.

PP489 ISMN 979-0-57016-616-9 Score and parts
PP489A ISMN 979-0-57016-617-6 Piano reduction

Carl (or Karl) Ditters von Dittersdorf was born Karl Ditters in Vienna in 1739. He was a violinist and composer, who was educated in the household of Prince Hildburghausen and studied composition under Bonno. Between 1761 and 1763, he played in the orchestra of the Imperial Opera in Vienna, and travelled to Italy with Gluck, where he made a name for himself as a violinist, He became Kapellmeister, first to the Bishop of Grosswardein (1765-1769) then to the Prince Bishop of Breslau (1769-1795). He still managed to spend much of his time in Vienna where many of his 40 operas were produced, the most popular being Doctor und Apotheker, staged in 1786. After 1773, he was allowed a title and called himself von Dittersdorf. He was active at the same time as Haydn, Mozart and Vanhal, with whom he is reputed to have played string quartets. He died in 1799 and his autobiography was published in 1801.

In addition to over 40 operas, von Dittersdorf wrote oratorios, masses and other church music, over 100 symphonies, divertimenti, chamber music and concerti. A number of Dittersdorf s manuscripts are held in the Fiirst Thurn und Taxis collection in Regensburg, among them two versions of a concerto for oboe d'amore, now available from Phylloscopus Publications (PP 423). These are catalogued in Regensburg as Rtt Dittersdorf 34 and 35. The Regensburg collection also includes five oboe concertos, listed as Rtt Dittersdorf 29-33, three in C, one in G and one in D, and these now appear in the Phylloscopus collection as PP 486-490.

An oboe concerto in G is available from Breitkopf and Hartel (5963) but is not the same as the concerto in G from Regensburg. According to Bruce Haynes (Music for Oboe 1650-1800, a bibliography, 2nd edition, 1992), the Breitkopf catalogue lists oboe concertos by Dittersdorf in C and in Bb published in 1775, but they are not currently available, nor is the oboe concerto in C published by Simrock. It is therefore difficult to ascertain whether either of these concerti in C matches any of those from Regensburg (Rtt Dittersdorf 29,3 1 and 32). The Phylloscopus editions, together with the piano reductions, have been prepared for publication with the permission of the Fiirst Thurn und Taxis Zentralarchiv und Hofbibliothek in Regensburg. The music was set from the manuscript by C.M.M. Nex and F.H. Nex.

In general, this reading attempts to reproduce accurately what was on the microfilm, adding accidentals and dynamics that would have been assumed by contemporary players, but leaving phrasing to the taste of modern performers. The cover page of the Oboe Concerto in C (Rtt32) gives the following information:

Concerto a Oboe Principale, Violino Primo, Violino Secondo, Corno Primo, Corno Secondo, fiola e Basso 6 fiolone con Basso 6 Violoncello, Del Sig Carlo Titters. The parts are Oboe Conc, Corno Primo in C, Corno Secondo in C, Violino Primo, Violino Secondo, Alto Viola, Basso, Basso 6 fiolone. The two basso parts are identical except for one small error. In the manuscript, cadenzas are appended and partly obliterated, and these have been reproduced as far as possible in this edition. Where alternative sections are given, original readings appear in the larger typeface with later additions in a smaller typeface or on a second stave below the first. A second (incomplete) copy of this concerto exists, with a different second movemeilt, but identical outer movements. As there are no erasures, it is possible to say that in the first n~oven~ent, additional bars appeared between bars 144-145 (13 bars), 157-158 (13 bars), 160-161 (1 bar).

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