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Australian Bird Suite

Australian Bird Suite

ISMN 979-0-57016-564-3
(EAN-13 9790570165643)
Weight 56 grams
Published 31st December 2002
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Cat No. PP446
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ComposerRosalind Carlson
CategoryFlute Solo
Difficulty level7

Solo flute. Playing score. Rosalind Carlson lives on a five-acre property in rural Arcadia, which is in the beautiful "hills" district north-west of Sydney in Australia. She says: "I am surrounded by natural bushland that attracts many different native birds, which live and nest around my home area. This has given me the opportunity to observe them at close range over a period of many years. From my bird watching observations, certain characteristics of the birds themselves have inspired various musical motives. These motives, or cell figures, have subsequently formed the basis for the different movements of my Bird Suite." The Australian Bird Suite was completed in Arcadia in September 2001 and was set from the manuscript by C.M.M. Nex and F.H. Nex.


  • Chiming Wedgebills
  • Colourful Lorikeets and Lyrebirds
  • Return of the Superb Fairy- Wrens
  • Silver Spangled Cockerels
  • Superb Fairy - Wrens
  • Willy Wagtail and English Blackbirds

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