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British Double Reed Society Website The BDRS acts as a focal point and resource for those who play oboe and bassoon. The website includes information for players, articles, lists of events, links to music education, and more plans for expansion.

Rosewood Publications The music published by Rosewood Publications has never been published before, or, having been out of print for many years, is now in the public domain. Some transcriptions have been sparingly added to the catalogue. There is music for wind alone, wind and piano, wind and strings, wind, strings and piano - essentially chamber music.

The Impulse-Music Website A classical music website, with information about musicians, recordings and publications. Purchases can be made via the Impulse shop-window,

The Just Flutes Website A website devoted to the flute, offering instruments, accessories and music.

The Music Shopping Website This website lists music shopping possibilities that include instruments and sheet music. The shop window for Impulse-Music Here you can purchase recordings and music via the internet.

The TrevCo Website An American music website, specialising in music for double reed instruments and offering excellent service.

Muzicas Editions This site provides information and access to music by Paul Coles, whose compositions for wind instruments are represented in the Phylloscopus catalogue.

Kassel Chamber Music Editions This site displays a catalogue of chamber music, mostly for strings, ranging from string duet to string orchestra and concertos. Music involving wind instruments and piano is also listed. The catalogue aims to re-publish rare chamber music for the discerning customer.

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