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Phylloscopus Publications started in 1989 and offer a catalogue of chamber music mainly for wind instruments. Many of the works on the list are only available from libraries and will now be easier to obtain and to read. New parts have been prepared from the original published material and are reproduced from high quality manuscript or by computer assisted desk-top publishing. Many of the composers on this list are virtually unknown, but their music is enjoyable to play. New works and arrangements are also included on the list and many different combinations of players are catered for, with alternative instrumentations where possible. Some composers and arrangers send their music already set by computer, and this results in some variety in the style of presentation.

The title Phylloscopus Publications comes from the generic name of a group of warblers (small brown songbirds), including the native British wood warbler, chiffchaff and willow warbler. The greek word, loosely translated, means looking at leaves. The bird chosen to adorn the music is Phylloscopus proregulus, Pallas's Willow Warbler. This inhabitant of Siberia and Asia can be seen in Britain when driven off course during its autumn migration.

Pay by credit card or simply print out your order and either telephone, fax, or send the order in the post with a cheque. Music is dispatched using one of a range of postal services either urgently (if required), otherwise as economically as possible.

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